Photos from Yellow Springs High School production of Urinetown: the Musical.

April 23,24,25 and April 30, May 1 and May 2,  2010.


more photos from YSHS production of Urinetown: the musical



Urinetown: the Musical is ultimately about the trouble of living with other people.  Poverty and wealth and the impossibility of bridging the crevasse between the two seems to be a central theme.  Love, greed, virtue, and evil all make their appearances.  It is interesting  that the author has given roles with integrity to a child and a woman.  Can we hear his message about our main hope is to glean the worth out of each person no matter how they appear?     

 Each of the main characters are multifaceted, in the end leaving the audience to decide who is a hero(ine) and who was right and who was wrong.  Director Jeff Murphy has wrought a sparkling musical speeding along from humor to pathos, all while making it look easy to do.  Susan Carlock does a fine job of empowering the music and the lyrics so that the audience is always connected. 

Jake Kintner shines as Mr. Caldwell Cladwell and  Zyna Bakari commands the stage as Ms. Pennywise.  Elliot Cromer and Rory Papania bring out the full depth of their policemen, letting us in on their hidden  humanity while hitting us full blast with zanieness.  Anne Weigand brings Hope to life with all the contradictions of this character clearly shown and another lovely voice to listen to.  Adam Zaremsky carries the burden of altruism lightly along to keep the audience enamored of his Bobby Strong.  Lauren Westendorf  crafts a believable Little Sally and has a pleasing mellow voice.   Thank you students for entertaining us!