I. Student’s hand written comments added to questions.


23. What do you think is most important about participating in sports?

I like being with my friends, and coaches, and running (7th).

Student chose "going to other schools" and added "to experience playing against other teams"(8th).

Getting better at the sport and having fun (8th).

It’s good to get healthy and to get to know people (8th).

They are all important (8th).



20. What would help you join a sport in the future?

If there was more information about the sport and when it started.

Better and information about the sports.

Yes, I am very busy but if they advertized it more and made it more fun.

With dance, I rarely have other time, but if I did I might like to play volleyball or do track.

Swimming if the school says what’s happening with it!

I believe if that if we had a time to get to know our coaches and learn about the sports.

Coach selection, also taking the sport serious, some players and coaches don’t take some sports serious.

Having better coaches for female sports teams in our school

I did basketball and cheerleading and I would like if the coach wouldn’t make a big deal about it calling us queens and princesses.

Fun sports, good coaches.

More friends doing it, liking the sport.

My actually getting through conditioning.

Less homework.

I would like to join a gymnastic team, so it would be nice to have one.

If practice wasn’t so often, so it would fit with my schedule.

Flexible practices.

Less gap between seniors and freshman (some might be intimidated?)

More publicity, more fans. Teachers caring more about girls sports than boys.


35. How do you feel when students are given a voice in the way the sports team or the school is run?

One student selected "grownups decide" and added because "the girls get too mean". (7th)

I think student’s should have more input. (7th)

It’s important that all students are given a chance to express opinions. (8th)

I think they should listen to us, and depending on how the idea might work and take action. (8th)

I like when my (and my teammates) ideas are listened to but I like seeing them used even more. (8th)


15. How do you feel about the fact that most sports in school are separated by gender?

Maybe some sports could be mixed gender-but most should be separate I think (8th).

Track and cross country are together boys and girls and I like it just fine (8th).

Track and cross country are together for boys and girls (8th).

(I) don’t agree with this question: some sports can’t be combined ex. volleyball, soccer, etc. (8th)


37. What is the role of members of a team that do not start?

All members of any team are important, no matter if they start or are 2nd string. (8th)

Just like starters mostly, only play less.

They should have just as big a part as starters. (11th)

They get ignored. (12th)

They should cheer and encourage. (12th

Cheering is nice, no fans! (9th)

Actually most of these apply (9th).


34. How do you react when a teacher or coach criticizes you?

But I like good comments too. If the coach or teacher only gives me bad comments I don’t have something to work with. I am not okay with teachers or coaches being mean about criticism. (7th)

Student circled "It makes me sad" and "that I am so lame" was crossed out. (7th)

It depends on what kind of criticism (negative or positive) and how they say it. (8th)

Constructive criticism is helpful but criticism as in being mean is bad. (8th)

Criticism is good as long as it is encouraging and constructive. (8th)

sometimes my coaches have made comments to me that make me feel pretty bad and that usually stays with me for a while. (8th)

Makes me angry sometimes when it is excessive or not helpful. (8th)

Student chose "store it in my head" and added "but it makes me sad sometimes." (8th)

It depends, (on) who criticizes me. (8th)

Its just how they do it, sometimes they treat you differently (9th).


27. If you have ever discontinued or didn’t return to a team at the school, what factors were behind such decisions?

Just mainly the fact that most of the teammates and coach treated me like crap (9th).

Coaches were mean (9th).

I was not passionate enough about the sport to give so much of my time towards it (9th).

In volleyball I was always put in back because I am short (10th)

Field hockey!! I love this sport!! YSHS doesn’t have it!!! Please add it !!!(10th)

31. Have you ever worked with teammates to pressure a coach into quitting.

She was very unfair (8th).

The coach was mean and unfair, she was a horrible coach and needed to quit. (8th).

Coach __, nobody on the team enjoyed having her as a coach. (8th)

There were hateful comments towards students and respect wasn’t enforced. Coach taught incorrect ways. (12th)

32. Have you ever pressured or mistreated a teammate so that the targeted player will feel unwanted or quit?

I personally haven’t but my teammates have tried to do it before.



II. Survey questions with a request for written answers.


29. "Do you think it is important for the girl’s sports teams to be successful?" "Why?"


……7th grade…….

‘cause people undersestimate girls.

People under estimate girls.

They can do just as good as the boys and what’s the point of doing a sport if you’re not going to try?

Girl’s deserve and need to participate in sports usually dominated by boys, and its important for girl’s to be physically active.

Because girls deserve everything that boys get as well.

To show that not only the boys can excel at sports.

Because it gives girls self pride.

Because people underestimate girls.

It shows that girls can do the same things as boys.

To prove people wrong and you have a lot more fun when you win.

Because girls are usually underestimated about sports.

Because both girls and boys teams should be successful.

Everyone should be successful and we have to prove to the boys the girls are just as good.

Because girls were always told guys are better than them.

Because even though people say we aren’t sexist, we are, and girls are just as good as boys so let’s show it!

Because people usually think of boys as more advanced or more talented which isn’t true.

Because every sports team, no matter what sex should be successful.

So people take us seriously, no one likes a loser.

Because you would want to win.

So everyone feels successful and boys teams too.

Because you wouldn’t want a bad team or (not)to win.

So that girls can get exercise in a fun way.

Because need to be in shape.

Because we should work hard.

Every sports team wants to be successful.

……8th Grade……

Girls need to be equal to the dude sports.

Because girls tend to not be known for sports and it should be shown that we can do just as well as boys.

Because if it wasn’t successful then we wouldn’t be portraying girls very well.

So that we can prove that we deserve sports teams despite our gender.

I think that it is important because girls have the same rights as guys.

If the girl’s sports teams are successful, then the girls will be happier.

It makes the girls on the teams feel good about themselves and it helps build strong friendship bonds between teammates.

If there not then why would we even have it!

Because girls need the chance to be better and a chance to go further (like college). Successful is not just winning.

They should be sucessful and do their best, but successful doesn’t always mean winning.

We are very lucky to play sports because some people couldn’t and we need to work hard and reach good goals. I think it’s important for a girls team to be successful but it’s ok not to win as long as they try hard.

More girls become interested in sports if the team is fun and successful.

It can encourage more girls to join, which can cause more physical activity and it can make a more enjoyable experience for those girls on the team.

I think if the girls work at the sport, they all deserve to be successful.

All teams want to be successful, and because there are normally larger guys teams so girls teams should be successful so the team is not discontinued.

Many girls are not active and I think it is important for girl’s sports to be successful.

No, I think that if a girls sport team is doing the best they can and they’re not winning that is just fine.


…...9th Grade……

Why shouldn’t they be? I’m sick of this. Why don’t you ask if boys’ teams should be successful? Exactly!

Girls deserve everything boys get.

Because I think girls should represent the school and to tell other schools we have athletic people.

They separate teams to make matches (games) fair, girls should strive to win just as much as boys.

We need equality in sports. Also sports provide opportunities for the future.

(To) Show that girls can do anything guys can do. Every sport is important

Girls (have) just the amount of talent as boys. Sports should be fair, gender-wise.

It is very important for girls’ teams to be successful because girl athletes deserve the same success and treatment as (the) other boys teams.

We never have any fans. Perhaps people like to watch successful teams so yes it’s important.

Because it’s not fun when they lose or have to forfeit because there aren’t enough people for a team. And it really sucks when you don’t have any fans at your game because it’s a girls’ team.

Because we have the potential

It’s encouraging.

Because what are all the girls who play gonna do to relieve stress.

All sports teams should be successful because they teach and contribute to teen fitness. You can also meet friends during sports. They are all-around good.

That way a girl may be able to get a career in sports.

No, As long as you are enjoying your sport, success concerning wins and losses is irrelevant.

No. It’s not all about winning and there should be no pressure to win.

…..10th Grade…..

We have to show to the people who think we are ditsy that we are not.

Because people think girls are less capable of competing in sports but I think that’s unfair.

Because girls are capable of doing sports and being good at them.Because girls need something to do too during school and be fit besides doing P.E. or health.

Because girls should have just as much success as guys.

If the team is working hard it is important and gratifying to have success.

…….11th Grade…….

Because, it gives girls a chance to show that they can play sports too.

Because we love to play sports just as much as the guys do and it gives us something to do together and enjoy. Of course winning would feel great as well.

Because we don’t get a lot of encouragement for girls sports or we aren’t appreciated like cheerleading.

Because the male sports teams already seem more important in our school than the female sports teams.

Because if a girls’ team is somewhat successful, it encourages other females to do that sport.

For some girls its important to have team activity and it helps raise self confidence.

It’s important for all teams to be successful.

It gives girls more confidence in themselves.

It’s important for all teams to be successful.

Because losing is no fun, no one goes out and says, "It’s okay if we lose, we had fun."

No, as long as they have fun why should it matter.

No, I really don’t care about sports.

No, I don’t have an answer. They are important and its nice if they succeed but they don’t have to.

……12th grade……

Women are just as important as men so their sports should be taken seriously.

Because girls have just as much right to be successful as boys do.

It can’t be all about the boys. If girls see their sports teams being successful then they’re more likely to join them.

I like to defy stereotypes.

Because it makes them want to do better in the sport.

Gives girls opportunities.

It is important for all school sports to be successful!

No, Of course it’s nice to be successful but I think teamwork and growth is most important.




39. What is the most important thing that could be changed to increase the success of the girl’s sports in our school? Some responses were divided in order to allow sorting by theme.

…..7th grade……

Coaches and more self courage.

Get better coaches and more self confidence.

….also coaches nice and willing to work as hard as the students

…coaches could be nicer, more encouraging

To have better coaches and more players.

Peers need to be nicer to the team.

The girls need to be nicer.

….teammates need to be nicer.

The friendliness between teammates.

Do things that try to make it seem fun and they need to make it feel welcoming to the people who think they are bad because that is one the main reasons some of my friends won’t do stuff is because they think they’re bad.


Girl’s teams need to be supported and encouraged.

Try harder.

New uniforms, gym space.

New uniforms and gym space.

New uniforms.

That they ? more time on girls ? the boys get.

….but at other schools they should let girls and boys compete together.

To accept girls and boys to the same sports.

Make sports only for girls.

Not much!

Well, I really don’t know. I think they are fine.

I think that it’s pretty good

More sports like TENNIS for students in 7-8th grade.

More options and types of sports.

Have more options.

Make the scheduling better, the practices not as often.

Practice more and only do a sport if you want to.

The school can broadcast information about signing up for a while before the season starts.

Talk about them more, show the things you do in that sports.



……….8th Grade………

I think if coaches encourage and praise girls more they will be more likely to want to come out for sports teams.

More girls should be encouraged to play, coaches should be encouraging, yet harsh enough for girls to be successful.

To make them feel that even if they’re not good they can still be welcomed.

I think it’s the confidence in girls themselves, and also if they aren’t good at what they do the teammates should encourage them, instead of putting them down.

To encourage girls to play sports.

Girls should be encouraged to play sports at a younger age. There is no softball team before high school, so when high school softball comes along no one knows how to play.

Good coaches that don’t just care about winning but encourage students and help them to improve.

Get coaches that know the sport and are good at coaching. Yellow Springs has many sports and arts things to choose from that it ends up causing less girls in each thing.

Better coaches, I’ve had very few bad coaches, but every now and then there’s one that doesn’t really know what they are coaching.

Make sure that the coaches and players relationships are good

Work hard and reach good goals that will make Y.S. noticeable.

Pay more attention to the sport like they do to the boys sports.

I think that the most important thing to be changed is that the girls teams should be advertised just as much as boys. Maybe make just as big a deal as boy teams.

… and that everyone on the team gives all that they’ve got, not just half the team.

I am surprised they are not doing well at the moment, but I think maybe the slightest bit of discipline might help the win/loss ratio.

Make sure people are dedicated to the sport and do their best.

Taken a little more seriously.

………9th Grade………….

Better coaches maybe? More practice discipline.

Get better coaches! Have better sign up not just a list on a board.

… coaches don’t need to make fun of students that are cheerleaders and basketball players too, it’s rude and I wanted to quit.

Good coaches.

A good coach. More preparation time. Good practicing Make them more fun, less stressful and so that everyone can participate and not be punished when you try your best.

. .. I also think we need coaches that are committed to working with the team.

Encouraging it.

Encouragment, and something like an incentive win, rewards.

Encourage more girls to join. More support from community, so we don’t feel like we are playing for no reason, and seniors shouldn’t be so intimidating.

….Also maybe more support of school students and faculty.


Get more fans at girls’ games so they feel good and will probably play better.

….Require everyone to play at least one sport, so teams can have enough people.

….Encourage fans to come to the games/meets.

I think we need to make a balance in effort placed in all sports. I think we put all our attention on one sport and ignore a lot of smaller sports

…People who are more dedicated,

….but mainly, the girls themselves should strive for success.

…. I think some female athletes don’t take it as seriously as boys do

First people on the team need to stop acting like they’re better than everybody.

Take the opinions of the students to help solve issues.

…volleyball should have boys because a lot of my boy-friends said they like it and I love volleyball.

… or add in a lacrosse team.

Make it more available like not having plays during season.

It really depends on the girls’ willingness to play. Sometimes it is hard to do them with other activities because the coaches tend to not let you do your other activities so girls choose the non-sports.


………10th Grade………….

More organized like boys teams so girls actually playing will take it more seriously, which can only help improve sports programs.

Teamwork and all that cheesy stuff.

Encourage girls to do sports and have coaches that already have their mind straight.

For the coaches to encourage them more.

Start sports that have a lot of interest for girls. Numbers don’t matter if its fun, then the sport should not be rid of.

Guidelines for athletics, (so) girls will start taking sports seriously.

……….11th and 12th Grade………..

Maybe have better coaches and more awareness of team spirit, also get some cheerleading people. We like boys!!!

Encourage parents and mentors around the community to help volunteer as coach or assistant. Have good competent coaches and supportive teammates.

Having better coaches.


Get better coaches.

Better coaches.

I don’t know really….better coaches for some sports.

More focus on growth and teamwork instead of using the best players only to win.

If more girls did sports, I would be more likely to join sports. Rather destructive cycle, eh?

Girls need to be more encouraged to participate in sports. They also need to have the level of respect boys get.

…..and encourage students to join.


Getting them encouraged early in their education.

….I know a lot of girls who would rather go home and do nothing, or hang out with friends then do a sport….I’m just not sure why, or how to change that.

It would be nice if girls’ sports received the same attention and attendance at games and events.

Letting the school know how the teams did, ex. cross country girls’ team placed 2nd at league due to a points tie and lack of a 6th runner.

More money for the girls team especially the girls cheerleading team because we do everything ourselves. Do our own fundraising and pay for everything ourselves.

You need girls that want to participate.

Friendship, leadership, social grace.

More of a variety of sports.

I know that the girls’ volleyball team is improving dramatically. I think we are going in the right direction.