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The Crucible a play by Arthur Miller Mar. 8,9,15,16 at 8 pm First Presbyterian Church - $10

Brianna Ayers scoring two.
Yellow Springs Women's Basketball Team is the District Runnerup

In the District finals this year the Lady Bulldogs were matched against New Madison - TriVillage (24-2).  At the half Tri Village was ahead by 20-15 with the Bulldogs making a comeback from 10-0.  Just when the Bulldogs began to thread the defense and get to the basket Brianna Ayers was injured (see left).  Also Kennedy Harshaw and Angela Allen fouled out in the 3rd quarter.  Freshmen Molly Hendrickson and Anna Mullin took the court for the Bulldogs and  Rachelle Orme also had some court time.  Maryah Martin scored several 3 point baskets and Keturah Fulton played tough defense for the whole game.  The final score was 31-55 for TriVillage. 

Congratulations for your successful season!

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Video of the 3rd quarter is below.  For video from the District Semifinal vs. Seven Hills see the ysviewpoint youtube channel.

Yellow Springs High School Men's Basketball is out of the postseason play after a loss to Troy Christian on Mar. 1st.


Molly Hendrickson gets the rebound




One Acts of 2013 were a success......................Joshua Seitz and an ensemble in The Pitch        MORE PHOTOS





Sojourner Truth c.1797-1883

Born as a slave named Isabella Baumfree in New York, Isabella changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843.  When she was 9 years old she was sold to a new owner who beat her daily according to Sojourner.  She was sold twice more by the age of 13.  She fell in love with a fellow slave but they were unable to be married  because the man's owner objected and so injured her lover that he died.  Sojourner was forced to marry at about 20 years of age and had five children.

Just before New York outlawed slavery Sojourner left her owner and recovered her son by waging a court battle against a white man who had illegally purchased the boy.  Her son was young and didn't believe Sojourner was his mother but they were reunited after she won her case....the first time a black woman had prevailed in a law suit against a white man.  Several years later this son went to sea on a whaling ship for a 3 year stint but was not on the boat when it returned and was presumed dead.

Sojourner Truth worked as a housekeeper and she worked to tell her story and to clamor for the rights of blacks and women.  She published her life story in 1850 and this is a good place for more information.  The Narrative of Sojourner Truth a Northern Slave.  She was honored with a US postage stamp in 1986.

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Preparation of a New Zoning Code is underway  has the draft of the zoning code and a link to the old code

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